Welcome to Chocolate by Sparrow & La Belle Chocolat!

Chocolate by Sparrow has been providing fine chocolates to the home chef as well as professional chefs, confectioners and bakers for over twenty years.

We specialize in chocolates which are popular with pastry chefs all over the world including: Valrhona, Guittard, El Rey and Callebaut Chocolates.

Our catalog of products continues to expand as the world of fine chocolate couvertures constantly changes. Be sure to check out the new lines of couvertures recently added – MESO CACAO Chocolates from Central America and also Conexion Chocolates from Ecuador as well as the Repulica del Cacao – with origins from Central and South America. All of these brands are direct trade products – where the manufacturers work closely with the cacao farmers to ensure fair trade and sustainable business practices. Please let us know if you would like samples of any of these chocolates.

If you need cocoa powder, we carry the preferred brand from Amsterdam, BENSDORP as well as other brands and have both dutch-processed and natural powders available.

Customers can get expert advice on choosing the appropriate chocolate type for your special chocolate creation!

Sometimes choosing the right chocolate can be confusing so we welcome your questions and hope to satisfy your chocolate needs!

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